Selfhelpme // The Road KHR-001-02

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selfhelpme is the blues-folk solo project from guitarist, JD Perry. "the road" is SHM's debut album.

From JD:
"the road" is a culmination of the past five years of my life. When I left my previous band, Valencia, my life immediately became a soul-seeking adventure... "when you're lost, sometimes that's the best way to find yourself." Fast forward to today and I'm here talking about a new album that I'm releasing on my new record label. I am so very grateful that I have such an opportunity to share my music. This album is different than what I am used to playing and possibly what people are used to hearing. That was my purpose when I sat down to write and record it over the past five months. I created this group of songs in a house in Nashville on one microphone and an acoustic guitar without any extras or recording tricks. It's conceptually a simple album. I wanted to give the songs room for the imagination... room to allow a breath for the listener's imagination... room to allow creativity for when I recreate these songs live. Please give it a listen. Thank you, all.

1. Very
2. Bones
3. Calls
4. South
5. Road
6. Sweat
7. Savage
8. Shiver