Mosey // The Way We Remember It
$5.00 - $17.00

  • Mosey // The Way We Remember It
  • Mosey // The Way We Remember It
  • Mosey // The Way We Remember It

Mosey // The Way We Remember It
$5.00 - $17.00

Dan Pawlovich has a passion for sound and creativity that produces music that is nothing short of amazing. Inspired by everything from classic rock to punk to pop, he's been gradually crafting his own sonic identity for over a decade. Mosey began in 2012 simply as a collection of unfinished songs, and nothing more. Dan's tenure as the drummer for Valencia was over when the band went on indefinite hiatus earlier that year, and he was in search of his next adventure, and ultimately, Mosey was born.

The Way We Remember It was initially self release by Mosey on May 28, 2013, and in November of 2013 it was released exclusively in Japan via Kick Rock Invasion. In between those dates, however, Dan unexpectedly became the drummer for Panic! At The Disco, and has been touring the globe with the band ever since. While Mosey never went away, it was prematurely put on the back burner, and it's masterful debut album never received the attention that it fully deserves.

This Fall, Know Hope Records is delighted to be re-issuing The Way We Remember It, Mosey's debut album, on vinyl. Over the course of 12 songs, this album gives a clear insight into Dan's life. While blending a variety of influences, the album clearly draws light to Dan's earliest influences, such as the early releases of Green Day, Weezer, and Jimmy Eat World. It's raw, yet beautifully produced, emotional, insightful, melodic, poetic and intense from start to finish. The Way We Remember It will simultaneously leave you satisfied yet craving more from Mosey.

Track Listing:
1. Leave Me Now
2. Know Your Hair
3. The Great Beyond
4. Dig A Hole
5. Distance
6. 3s
7. By Heart
8. Bloody Tongue
9. Rat
10. What Goes Around
11. Dying Tooth
12. This Day

*Includes digital download

Pressing Information

first pressing: 525 bone

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