Sweet Pill // Miss This / Tell Me KHR-9107-04


With a name like Sweet Pill, it’s assumed any output showcases how the rush of lived experience clashes with hard lessons. You’d also be right to guess this Philadelphia-via-Glassboro five-piece crafts arrangements that are both sugary and spidery, leaving infectious earworms to fester long after frenetic percussion and limber guitars leave behind a smoky trail. By combining the caffeinated acrobatics of fourth-wave emo with the high stakes of 2000s pop punk and indie-rock, Sweet Pill has mellowed an approach to what could be otherwise labeled cloying and overstaying its welcome. It’s time to get lost in what’s here instead.

Lost in It, Sweet Pill’s debut EP was entirely self-produced and self-made, and made enough of a splash to land the young outfit SXSW slots and an East Coast following. This offering is tailor-made for Zayna Youssef’s prismatic vocal range, through which she soars defiantly away from naysayers (“Nephew”) but also searches for acceptance (“‘Til It’s Gone”). Her bandmates color in this push and pull, littering the struggle with Chris Kearney’s erratic drums (“Best of Me”) and glittering, danceable bridges (“Doubt”).

On December 6, 2019, Sweet Pill returns with two brand new songs, "Miss This" and "Tell Me," which marks their debut release with Know Hope Records. These new tracks, engineered and produced by Eric McNelis at The Gradwell House, show off the distinct differences between surrendering control and controlling how or if you surrender anything at all. Sweet Pill enjoys hanging in the balance between autonomy and adversity—it’s where their gymnastic indie goes down smoothest.


  1. Miss This
  2. Tell Me