Swim Camp // Stupid Thing/First Day Back // T-Shirt Bundle swim camp


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This item includes a copy of Swim Camp's new 7" on coke bottle clear vinyl and a t-shirt printed on Comfort Colors.

Tom Morris began recording music under the moniker Swim Camp in 2015. New to guitar and songwriting, he channeled his energy into simple, evocative chords and personal lyrics, resulting in his own brand of lo-fi indie. Six years, and numerous releases later, Morris has teamed up with Philadelphia’s Know Hope Records to release his newest 7’’, Stupid Thing/First Day Back.

This two song EP truly encompasses everything that Morris has to offer. As a trained jazz drummer, Morris injects a hint of spontaneity into everything he does. It is this approach that gives his work such an edge, emanating a grounded sincerity that is almost impossible to duplicate.

It is Morris’ unwavering commitment to create an artistic statement without limitation that pushes Swim Camp to new heights. Pulling inspiration from Philadelphia’s thriving music community, and experimental peers like Alex G and Spirit of the Beehive, Morris is following in the footsteps of Philly’s vibrant indie scene and making strides to ensure its future. Even in the industry's sea of uncertainty, Morris is not afraid to swim against the current.


  1. Stupid Thing
  2. First Day Back